Friday, July 8, 2011

Taking a break from Copenhagen

The big study tour is upon us.

Great One Brandini and Timbo will be heading one way, while Shauny and myself will be going another way.  Great One and Timbo leave tomorrow morning at 7:30AM and set off on a bus trip from Copenhagen all the way to Stockholm, Sweden.  They bounce around there and eventually make it to Helsinki, Finland, then back to Copenhagen next Saturday.

Shaun and myself leave Copenhagen at 5PM tomorrow for a 14 hour ferry ride from Copenhagen to Oslo, Norway.  Should be awesome.  From Oslo, we explore Norway and eventually make our way to Stockholm, Sweden, and then back here to Copenhagen.  We're not sure why they split our studio groups up to go on different trips...but oh well.

Steve and Shaun's Route

Tim and Brandon's Route

Time to go get 2 more stamps in our passport...stay tuned for updates.

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