Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Let's go to Western Denmark, shall we?

The day is upon us for the departure for our last traveling study tour of our study abroad program.  This tour is much shorter and keeps us within Denmark.  And booze cruise this time around.  Damn.  Tomorrow the wake up call is quite early, as both groups have to be at the busses by 7:30AM (yes, they've separated us again - time to say goodbye to Tim and Brandon for a few days...sad faces all around).

To be completely honest...I have no idea what the schedule of this tour is...they've been keeping that quite a secret.  All I know is the route that we are roughly following throughout Denmark.  Tim and Brandon follow a similar route, but make an additional stop, God knows where, so we'll see if they make the mistake of allowing all of us to bunk together in the hostels that we're staying at.

Oh I can't wait to spend more time on a bus.

We were all assigned a case study project when school started, and throughout these tours, we travel to each case study and the group that researched the project and built the model, has the pleasure of presenting to the group an overview of the project.  Now I have the pleasure of giving a quick rundown of the Aarhus Crematorium in Aarhus, Denmark (winning).  

The weather report looks just marvelous.  Rain on Thursday.  Maybe rain on Friday.  Rain on Saturday.

It will be interesting to see what the rest of Denmark has to offer and I am looking forward to getting out of the city a bit.  As the web address of this blog states, ThisCouldGoAnywhere, so check back for updates while we're on the road.  

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