Friday, July 15, 2011

Ladies and Gentlemen...Stockholm, Sweden

Wakey wakey came early for us again...naturally.  We woke up, had breakfast and were magically whisked away via our bus for the 2nd leg of the Oslo-Stockholm trip.  We all prepared for the last 5 hours of the bus ride, which surprisingly went by quickly as we have all gotten amazingly great at passing out and staying asleep on the bus for long periods of time.

But then, it was time.  The time to arrive in Stockholm...the "Venice of the North" as we have been told.  The other half of the kids from our school in Copenhagen are on a similar trip, but they went to Stockholm first, and they told us to expect an amazing city and amazing time, and they were right.  It's a mixture of Copenhagen and Venice....water and boats everywhere.  The people are way more outgoing and friendly here as compared to Oslo, and it just feels more "alive".  We all knew after 30 minutes in Stockholm, we definitely liked it more that Oslo.

We checked out the Royal Palace of Stockholm, had some rapid fire sketching exercises in all parts of the Medieval area of the city, checked out the architectural and modern art museum...and just for the heck of it, checked out some more buildings.  I don't know why this was so funny at the time, but as we were walking across a bridge from island to island we came across a family of ducks that were taking the road less travelled.  We saw them coming over the top of the hill of the bridge and were just sauntering (as best a bird can) straight down the path...all the way down the path.  C'mon guys, if you can fly, why walk?

Needless to say, we were exhausted.  Tomorrow is the last full day of our Scandinavian adventure, we will be heading back to Copenhagen on Saturday.  I'm sure we'll be up early and out and about all day, but hey, why not check back?  Who knows what we might see or do? 


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