Sunday, July 10, 2011

Norway, Day One: Struggle


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Running on about an hour of sleep, we had to deboard the ship at 9AM.  FML.  Breakfast was a necessity but a production all in itself.  Shaun Lynch made it to breakfast for a brief amount of time before he was over it, and decided to excuse himself from the table.  Nothing better than drinking the night/morning before, getting no sleep, and having to wait in crowded, hot areas, carrying your bags, waiting to get off the boat.  FML.

We weren't the only ones seemed a majority of our classmates were looking a bit rough this morning.  You know, blank stares, no smiling, wearing sunglasses, even though it was cloudy and raining.  No big deal though, we only had an all day walking tour of Oslo.

We dropped our stuff off at our hotel in Oslo, and prepared to walk around and explore yet another foreign city.  We walked by a castle and looked at some pretty cool buildings.

Oslo is an interesting city, and my impressions of it are still being formed.  It was extremely quiet in the city compared to Copenhagen, it was bleak and rainy, but the landscape is amazing and we got a tour of the Oslo Opera House which is just mind blowing.

We explored the National Museum of Contemporary Art and an architecture museum.  All in all, the walking around, the sketching and picture taking, in the end, helped us all feel better from the previous night's events.

The sun doesn't like to set here either.

Needless to say, while we enjoyed what we saw and experienced today, we were all looking forward to calling it an early night tonight to gear up for tomorrow's adventure.

From Norway, this is me signing off for the night.

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