Tuesday, July 5, 2011

How do you celebrate the 4th of July in a foreign country???

...Act like you're not.  Admittedly it wasn't a traditional day to celebrate America's b-day, but we enjoyed ourselves nonetheless.  We woke up early, got dressed up and headed to school to present our first studio project of the summer.  (We were broken down into small groups, assigned a famous building in Scandinavia and asked to produce a scaled model of it..completing it all in just a little over a weekend.  We all finished on time and were happy with the results.)

Then it was on to classes all afternoon until about 5.  Along with some of our classmates in the program, we decided on the most Americanized bar we could find to take over and let our patriotism out....the LA Bar.  We rolled in to the sweet sounds of Mr. Bruce Springsteen's "Born in the USA".  Winning.  We all got a little silly but were up nice and early this morning for an all day study tour of northern Copenhagen.

We hit up 5 popular architectural sites, mostly places I cannot pronounce or even dare to try and spell on an English keyboard...so I'll just say we went to 2 churches, a furniture design shop, a co-housing complex (interesting, but not really photoworthy), and lastly an art museum called Louisiana which was a lot of fun and extremely interesting as well.

Tomorrow we are getting together with our final studio assignment groups.  The Great Brandini and TimboSlice have the pleasure of being in the same studio group, while LynchieBoy and myself have the same instructor.  Great One and Slice have a kayaking date with their teacher, and ShaUhn and I will be biking up the coast.

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