Thursday, July 14, 2011


We spent 3 days in and around Oslo, Norway.  When we signed up for this study abroad program, we were told that we should expect it to be intense, and I think we found out why.  The classes aren't that intense, the studio is intense but it's fun.  The schedule; that's the intense part.  We're up at 7AM, everyday, and on the move, sketching and taking pictures and being on study tours or guided tours.  It's great!  But it catches up with you.

Norway was no different.  Norway is a quiet, somewhat isolated city in Norway, with a great topography and amazing scenery.  The locals are mostly away on their vacation ( a 6 week tradition held throughout most of Europe, and an ideal I'd like to promote back in the states), so it has been fairly quiet around Norway.

We saw ancient Norway, the remains of a 12th century fortress and old castles.  We saw new Norway through the Opera House, and the insane Ski Jump high above the city of Oslo.

It is hard to rate or judge a city simply based on a couple days, midweek in July.  Oslo seems like an awesome city with great history and, from what we've learned, a fairly interesting future ahead.  Our packed schedule gave us little time outside of school to explore the city we called home for a few nights. Oslo, I'm afraid I don't know enough about you to give you an accurate rating, so please except my "B-".  No time to dwell though...we need to get our Swerve On in Sweden.

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