Tuesday, July 26, 2011

36 Days in...

Wow.  Time has absolutely been flying by.  It feels like just yesterday we were packing up and saying our goodbyes in San Diego.  There hasn't been much to report as of lately since we have been bombarded with school assignments and are already in the beginning phases of the end of our study abroad here in Copenhagen.

Since returning from our study tour to Norway and Sweden...

Shaun got a euro-cut.
Brandon got a regular hair cut.
Steve has not cut his hair yet.

But overall we have spent most of our days working at home or at school.  Shaun and I are in the same studio, designing a bike pavilion for the busiest metro stop in Copenhagen, while Tim and Brandon are designing a kayaking pavilion on the harbor.  I personally have been using my schoolwork to keep me occupied and busy as my future travelling plans have been creeping into my mind and getting me quite excited.  I wouldn't consider myself homesick by any means, but thinking back about being outside of the States for over a month is crazy...and pretty awesome.  What I wouldn't do for a California Burrito, peanut butter, or a good American hamburger though.  Damn.

On a serious note, days after we left the city of Oslo in Norway, domestic terrorism hit the peaceful city that we just visited.  It was a bizarre feeling.  We have the unfortunate knowledge of what it feels like for an attack to happen on our country; and for us, it felt like for them, it was a loss of their innocence/isolation, and a harsh push into the world that we as Americans know.  They're saying it's the greatest loss of life and most traumatic event to happen to Norway since WWII.  We shared in a moment of silence on Monday, along with the rest of Scandinavian countries, and paid our respect to those who died on Friday.

Alrighty, on to more positive things.  We leave for our short, Western Denmark study tour on Thursday morning.  Copenhagen is on the very east coast of Denmark (we haven't really been outside the city of Copenhagen since we got here), and we will travel by bus (again) and spend 3 days and 2 nights seeing the rest of the country that we have been calling home for the last month.  It should be interesting, since you can drive across the entire country in about 3 hours.  And, we don't need to exchange money for foreign kroner!  Danish Kroner all the way this time.

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