Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The Euro...

...not the currency.

The Euro.  It's a fashion statement.  It's everywhere.  It's a haircut.  It's a topic of discussion on almost a daily basis here in Copenhagen.

Yesterday, fellow compadre, Shaun Lynch decided it was time to Euro himself out, and our friend Kelsey was more than happy to assist in the transformation that is, the Euro haircut.

For almost the entire time we have been in Copenhagen, being around the Danes, who sport this aforementioned haircut, I have received daily, almost constant, pressure from my SD buddies to get a haircut, in the Euro-way.  I have resisted their pressure so far.

It seems that they have a new technique.  If they get Euro-cuts, then naturally I will follow suit.  The Euro-cut is a simple cut...leave everything the way it is, just shave/buzz/cut close the side of your hair on the side of your head (see below examples).

And these guys "pull it off".

Shaun has already made his transformation and there's talk that The Great Brandini will be getting the Euro haircut as well.  I can't say I'm happy about it, but if the current trend continues, there's a fairly good chance I will have to cut my hair in the European way, and see what happens.  The plan is to give it a shot, and if it looks how I think it will (terrible), I will just cut my hair short like I usually would have it...

...as you can see, it has been relatively tame and quiet since returning from our trip...so this is all I really have for you today.  Who knows where this week may take us.


  1. Change is good! If you do go through with it PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE leave the back as LONG as possible!

  2. Not that I have any idea what you look like at the moment, my vote is keep it long! I think it will serve you well in Indo (also I like it that way) :)