Thursday, June 30, 2011

School's In!

Well we're off to the races.

School has started here in Copenhagen.  We are 4 of roughly 150 students from across the US and other countries that have an interest in design and wanted to study abroad.  So far school begins at 8:30AM and goes straight through until about 5 or 6PM.  Long days.

Our school in Copenhagen (like most places in Copenhagen, in fact) either does not have air conditioning or chooses not to use it.   Our first couple of days in Denmark were rainy and cool, but lately it has been very hot and humid, so sitting in the same classroom for the majority of the day get's pretty old pretty quickly.

Our first studio project, which assigned on Wednesday, is due this coming Monday.  We work in groups for this first project, and come Monday, we will be given our assignment for the rest of our time here, where we'll be working by ourselves.

We have definitely settled in nicely, finding the cheaper places to eat, drink and socialize.  They have this liquor called Fisherman's here which tastes like cough medicine, and Akvavit (sp?) which is just straight up dangerous.  Hot dogs must be the Danish "go-to" for food...they're everywhere and it seems Tim has developed a little bit of an addiction toward the Danish delight.

It seems our little vacation before school has come to an end, and the business side of our trip has begun.  Entertainment and adventure still awaits us though I would assume...

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