Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Day Wasters

I think we found out how we got such cheap airfare from San Diego to London...ladies and gentlemen, seats 34E and 34F on American Airlines......you really can't beat that view.

After a quiet and scenic flight into one of my personal favorite cities, Dallas, we had the fortune of killing a couple hours before our connecting flight to London.  On the runway, we were notified that the left engine of our plane was non-responsive and malfunctioning, and we all agreed that perhaps we better get that looked at...plus, more time to spend in Dallas.  Winning.

A 30 minute wait, led to a 90 minute wait, to an even longer wait.  Instead of leaving Dallas at 4:50PM their time, we got going closer to an 8:30PM departure.  Tim had a window seat and had the pleasure of sitting next to Howard, a big man with an even bigger heart.  I was one of the lucky SOB's to got to ride in the middle of the middle section of the plane and ended up acting as a pillow for both the man to my left and girl to my right.  It's ok, that plane ride was only 8.5 hours long.

We eventually made it, with all of our luggage successfully joining us on the trip, and a rather painless ride from the airport to our hostel.  

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