Friday, June 24, 2011

Copenhagen...well alright

Copenhagen.......a very interesting place indeed.

We're still new in this foreign city and it shows.  The locals haven't necessarily been too receptive of us yet...probably because we have been bumbling around and complaining about how expensive it is here.  We're getting the hang of it and finally have left the hostel to our apartment.  And it couldn't have happened any sooner.

Living in such close quarters, even with some of your best friends can be a bit trying.  We have definitely been a bit snappy and tired but are learning to deal with it and we are all very relieved to be settled in preparing for school on Monday.  We have been testing the local bars, walking around in awe to how old this freakin city is compared to anything we have seen in America.

-Why is your weather so chaotic?  It rains on and off and temperatures are high and low all in one day.
-Why does the sun rarely go away?  Yesterday, on the Summer Solstice, (which the freaky-deaky Dutch celebrate like it's the 4th of July) the sun was up and shining until sometime after midnight...and was rising around 4AM in the morning.  Really?
-Why do your cab drivers drive Mercedes?
-Why do you put marinara sauce on your cheeseburgers?
-Why does your Burger King's compliment your order with mayo and hot "cheese" sauce?  No complaints, just didn't see that one coming.
-Why can't you convince America to allow it's citizens to walk around freely and drink?

Anyways, tonight there is some "event" in one of the neighborhoods here.  A neighborhood which is a hippie commune that apparently has little to no laws/regulations, and no street lights...stay tuned for whatever else Copenhagen is trying to tell us.

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