Sunday, June 26, 2011

How Many Americans Does it Take to Work a Danish Washer and Dryer?...

...Four.  The answer is four.  After 2 days, several google searches, trial and error, and eventually the insight of some very nice Danish ladies...we finally have some grasp on how to use our washer and dryer.

So on Friday, my birthday, we decided to check out this "celebration" at one of the most interesting places I have ever visited...Christiana, a self-declared independent nation outside of Denmark.  A hippie commune.  We were told by many locals we needed to check out the events there so we assembled our crew and walked over.  Wow.  All I can say is Wow.  Words really can't begin to explain the scene we walked into.  Hippies, drugs, booze, crazy people and rock and roll.  Photos were no allowed within the limits of this insanity or else you better believe I would have made a flip book out of them.  My only description is it wasn't the place I had imagined spending my we left pretty early.  And not a minute too soon as we walked by what seemed like half of the Danish Police force who were in the process of raiding the joint...Happy Birthday Steve.

We emerged unscathed and decided to grab some beers for the walk across town.

Birthday celebrations continued as we found a bar close to our apartment that had a Brooklyn Brewery neon sign in the window...need I say more.  I'd like to say we closed the bar down but it's almost impossible to in this city as bars seem to close whenever they feel.  Also since the sun rarely sets here, you kind of just keep going.  Looking at a clock saying it's 3:30AM with the sun up is something that is beyond bizarre.  All in all, good birthday though.

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