Friday, June 24, 2011

9 Time Zones, 40 Hours

Finally in Copenhagen...

After 2 days, 3 plane rides, 2 train rides and a lack of sleep we finally have all met up in Copenhagen.  Tim and I successfully met up with the other 2 guys we're going to school with, The Great Brandini and Shauny Lynch the Canadian.  It seems Brandon had a relatively easy flight on his magic carpet.

Tim and I for sure thought that we had the roughest travels...not true.

Shaun left San Diego on Tuesday, connecting through Chicago and Amsterdam.  While in Chicago he was grounded for countless hours because of high winds and a tornado warning...and VP Joey Biden decided on a pop-in to the Chicago area.  This delay caused ol' Shauny to miss his connecting flight in Amsterdam where he had to purchase another ticket from there to Copenhagen....oh yeah, and the airline lost his bag.  


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