Monday, August 15, 2011

Farvel Kobenhavn

44 days ago we arrived in Copenhagen.  We have completed an architectural summer abroad program, met some great people from Denmark and elsewhere in the world, travelled throughout Scandinavia, drank a lot of Carlsberg and Tuborg, and even picked up on some Danish along the way.  Brandon, Shaun, Tim and myself have been living in close quarters for nearly 2 months, going to school and travelling together, and we haven't killed each other.

Now it's time we have to say goodbye to each other.  Bittersweet would be the word to describe the feeling.

Tim and Kate, I hope you guys have an amazing time backpacking through Asia and look forward to seeing you both when we all get back to San Diego.

Brandon and Caitlin, enjoy your Eurotrip and maybe we'll bump into each other on our travels.  If at NewSchool starts on Oct. 3rd...I'll see you then.

Shaun...the train leaves at 11:45AM...see ya in the morning.

And now ladies and gentlemen...the proposed itinerary for EuroTrip'n 2011.


But it's all up in the air so we'll see where we actually end up.

So long Copenhagen.  Goodbye DIS, the friends we've met, Carlsberg beer, shawarma, china box, T&K, Istanbul Pizza, LA Bar, Fisk, Tuborg, 5 flights of stairs up to our apartment, countless flights of stairs up to school, bicyclers, Francis Pony, Australian Bar, Norreport Station, the Stroget, cobblestones, the Hornsleth, Nyhavn, hot dogs, Sandwich Pigen, the Danish kroner, rediculous Danish sales tax, windmills....


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