Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Checking in...

Well, 44 days outside of the United States.  The NFL lockout has come to an end.  The last NASA shuttle has returned to Earth for the last time.  The country's national debt ceiling has been raised.

Each day since we have gotten back from our trip has been roughly the same...up early, off to school, work at school, eat lunch, work at school, eat dinner, work at school, walk home, work at home, go to bed.  Throw in a shower every now and then and we're good.  Heads down and were pushing through the last bit of time we have here in Copenhagen.  And obviously, since we have been swamped with work, the weather has been amazing.  Naturally.

Today, our instructor Bo broke up the monotony, and held our critiques to a couple hours and took us on a field trip to Orestad, the new development area of Copenhagen.  What was once land own by the military, the state gave back to Copenhagen and have been letting developers, architects and planners go crazy.  It has some great examples of modern architecture.  We saw the 8 House by BIG, which was a blast to explore and see in person after reading about and seeing in pictures.

Beyond that, work as usual.

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  1. :) I like reading your blog, now that internet is down to $1/hr in Chiang Mai. Also, what you're doing there is going to be so unbelievably different from you will do here. I'm looking forward to seeing you soon! 3 weeks? My mom finally booked her ticket! She sent me an email to let me know, but declined to include the dates and details...what is that about?!