Thursday, August 11, 2011

The end is near

53 days outside of the US.  Wowzas.

Well...our time here in Copenhagen is quickly coming to an end.  We came, we saw, and I'd like to believe we've conquered.

For any of our fellow NewSchool'ers reading'll be happy to know that we feel that the education we are receiving at NewSchool is quite good, after attending the summer abroad program.  We were all anxious to see how we stacked up against other architecture schools and students, and from what we have all experienced, we agree, that we feel we are right where we need to be.  We've met very many interesting individuals from all over the country, and have enjoyed the time spent working and playing with you guys.   Working with and learning from Danish instructors has been something I will never forget either.  Their take on architecture, culture, and life was great to experience.  Bo is the man.  A charismatic, genuine, and smart individual.  Many many thanks Bo if our paths don't cross again.

We have added on 2 other members of the San Diego community to our company, Caitlin (Mrs. Great One) and Kate, Tim's fiancee.  It has been great to see both of them and hope that they're getting to enjoy Copenhagen as best as they can.

Shaun and I are preparing to make hot moves toward Berlin after our time is up here in Copenhagen.  We have our hostel booked and are meeting up with a British friend we met the first couple of days here in Copenhagen at the same hostel as us.  Also, a good group of people from our program here in Copenhagen are heading to Berlin so we will have a bit of company on the first leg of our travels.  Tim and Kate will be leaving soon, as well as 'Dini and Smitty.  While so stoked to check out other places, it will be bittersweet to leave Copenhagen.  We finally feel comfortable and situated here.  A home away from home for sure.

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